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Since we do not provide drug or alcohol treatment in Paterson, New Jersey those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction should contact our referral line for help as soon as possible.

Do I have a problem with drugs and alcohol

Often, addicts don't feel that they are completely dependent on their substance of choice, and repeatedly utter the words "I can stop at anytime", or "I don't need to do drugs, or have a drink". This is usually the first sign that there is a problem. It is called denial. Those addicted to drugs or alcohol will SAY they are not going to use. Those not addicted WON'T use. When drugs and alcohol are being abused, there are warning signs to look for.

Individuals that abuse drugs or alcohol will begin to neglect responsibilities at school, work, or home. Skipping or failing classes at school, frequently missing time at work, decreased efforts to keep up a home, or neglecting children are signs of drug or alcohol abuse.

When a user takes risks, and continuously places themselves into dangerous situations when they are high is a warning sign that the drug use is no longer recreational. Having unprotected sex, using dirty needle, and driving under the influence are all poor decisions that may indicate drug or alcohol abuse.

Frequent legal trouble is another warning sign of drug and alcohol abuse. Many users will find themselves having run-ins with the law. Traffic tickets and DWIs are very common to a drug and alcohol abuser. Other signs of abuse are disorderly conduct charges, as well as, theft. Many addicts will steal to support their habit.

When an individual suddenly begins to experience problems with relationships, it may be because of drug or alcohol abuse. Fighting with significant others, family members, co-workers, and friends can be a sign that there is a problem.

If you have noticed that you need more and more drugs or alcohol to get you high is a sign of addiction. Addicts will need to continuously increase their dose to get the same high as they once did using smaller amounts.

Experiencing withdrawal symptoms is another indication of addiction. When symptoms such as shaking, vomiting, or anxiety are present when drugs or alcohol is absent from the body, means that the body and mind is dependent on those substances to function properly.

Losing control over the drugs is a sign of addiction. An individual is addicted when they continuously use when they say they are not going to, or they use more than they had intended. An addict's life will begin to revolve around using. An addict will spend a majority of their time thinking about using drugs or drinking, and how to get their next hit or drink.

Continuing to use regardless of the harm that it is doing to you physically, mentally, and emotionally is a sign of addiction. An addict will continue to use especially to numb the feelings of guilt when they think about the damage it is causing.

An addict will lose interest in activities they once enjoyed. Addiction makes the user focus on the drugs or alcohol. In many cases, the addict is no longer physically or mentally capable of participating in their previous areas of interest.

If you or a loved one is experiencing many of these warning signs, then you will benefit from one of our treatment programs. For more information, or to get help, please give us a call at (973) 310-2220, or visit us at .aaa-alcoholdrugrehab.com

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